Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the service cost?

There are two pricing options: a monthly subscription for $39.99 that will automatically be renewed each month or an annual subscription for $439.99. By selecting the annual option, you get a discount that effectively gives you one month free per year compared to the monthly subscription cost.

Do you offer a free trial?

No, we feel we have priced the service at a competitive and reasonable rate that should allow a user to test out the service for a month without the cost being prohibitive. We believe it is a tremendous value and is priced low enough to make it affordable for most while still reflecting the effort that goes into creating each report. Moreover, we aim to provide actionable market calls and investment ideas that have the potential to pay for the service many times over. It could take just one good trade or investment idea to recoup the cost of a subscription.

How do I access the reports? Will I get notified via email?

Once subscribed, email notifications will be received any time a new report is published. These reports can be viewed on the website if logged in or via the PDF sent with the notification email.

I would like to share the reports with my clients or others. Is this possible?

Each subscription is intended for individual use only by the paid user, as is standard with subscription services. The service was priced on this basis and not for multiple users to share one account. Please do not distribute the reports, including but not limited to email forwarding, posting to websites, or otherwise making them public, without express permission from Saut Strategy. The website only allows one user to be logged in at any given time for a single subscription. Discounts may be accommodated for a large number of subscribers on a case-by-case basis.

Can I ask the team more individualized questions once subscribed?

Yes, one of the benefits of the subscription is the ability to ask questions to the individual members of Saut Strategy. We are happy to provide our opinions and thoughts for your more individual situations.

Is Saut Strategy affiliated with any brokerage firm?

No. While the three of us have all worked for various firms in the financial industry throughout our careers, Saut Strategy LLC is an independent company with no affiliation to any brokerage firm. This allows us the freedom to provide our timely independent and unbiased views, without the restrictions and hurdles of a modern investment firm.

What if I want to cancel?

Subscribers can cancel at any time by visiting the “Account Profile” page. No refunds are provided for the monthly subscription, but you will maintain access until the month of service is ended. Prorated refunds will be given for the remaining time on a canceled annual plan (a minimum of one month will be charged).

How can I contact Saut Strategy?

You can contact Saut Strategy at
Write to us at:
Saut Strategy, LLC
122 8th Ave. N, Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

How do I subscribe?

Click this link to visit the subscriptions page.